Police or Client visits a new provider?

The client in this video says the foolproof plan is to say, “Show me your boobs.” This is a smart idea to help avoid unnecessary encounters with the police! I’ve been asked that a few times by first-time clients during our initial meet-and-greet. No problem for me… I have nothing to hide.

I am not an escort, but this approach is highly useful and effective in all aspects of alternative practices. He also mentions in the video that real providers will want to get to know their clients and establish a connection because they want them to come back. He obviously seen providers before and wants to be safe.

Keeping Yourself Safe

I like that he mentions protecting yourself against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. This is important for both parties involved.

I’ve had several clients inform me of some sessions that went wrong. One client that stands out went to see an escort. She didn’t have any reviews. They met at a Days Inn, and prior to meeting, they had already discussed a fee and specific sexual acts that were going to be performed. He shows up, walks in and hears “Turn around and cuff up.” The police were waiting.

He claims no money was exchanged, but they had all the incriminating evidence they needed to make a case. What makes this even worse is that he had a gun strapped to his leg. My client was a Homeland security officer so the gun was registered. But, he paid roughly $20,000 to keep himself not only out of jail, but so that his family didn’t find out about it and he didn’t lose his job. He had already been put through the wringer, so I wasn’t going to give him any tips on safety. I think he already knew where he went wrong. For more videos and top secret information, please refer to the safety portion of Temptress Academy Courses!