Help me find myself

I came across this posting when trying to find one that I liked. This one just needs a little sexy tweaking.

A better heading would be: I’m a Beautiful, Sexy Transsexual here in (……) for 1 day only!?

I added 1 single pink flower to add even more softness to her image. I like what she is wearing in all three pictures. 2 poses shows me this girl knows how to move her body in a seductive and sexy way. However, the back ground isn’t attractive, professional or sexy but I do adore the natural lighting.

Her description was short and to the point. Use words like Session and fee.. Your not Good Will.. Donations are not needed. I also liked that she stated her fee but she failed to include the length of her time that is included. By including your fee in your advertisements you will also avoid calls and texts that use up your time unnecessarily on potential clients that can’t afford it and the bottom feeders.

Grammar needs to be worked on. If you have good pictures then you don’t need to say the words sexy or desirable.. Your viewers will see that in your pictures. A picture is worth 1000 words.. Make yours count!